WTF is holistic nutrition?

It’s so much more than what you eat.

Holistic nutrition is an integrated approach that’s rooted in the connection between mind, body, and spirit. ✨

How can a nutritionist help you?

Have you tried every diet out there?

Do you have a shameful relationship with food?

My coaching practice has a strong focus on emotional eating. I’m interested in how your emotions affect what you eat, and vice versa.

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Are you interested in coaching for weight loss?

I don’t focus on weight loss as a goal, and instead help you change your relationship to food and your body. Click here to learn more about intuitive eating.

Let’s chat if you’re open to a new way of thinking. Not a new diet.


P.S. My coaching programs aren't suitable for people struggling with active eating disorders. Please see the National Eating Disorders Information Centre or the National Eating Disorders Association for referrals instead.