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What's Intuitive Eating? Hint: Intuitive Eating isn't a Diet

No diet plan can know what you enjoy, or how much you need to nourish yourself. Intuitive eating helps you reclaim trust in yourself, without food rules. If diets don’t work, what should you do? Intuitive eating is centred on you as the expert.

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Clean Eating: Here's Why You Need to Make the Food Shaming Stop

Clean eating creates fear, shame, and mistrust around food. When you try to follow a “clean diet” or “only eat clean,” you set unrealistic expectations of yourself and the food you eat. It’s too rigid.

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How Intuitive Eating Can Change Your Life

Here's the thing other nutritionists won’t tell you about your relationship with food. It's not about the food. Intuitive eating is one tool you can use to challenge the diet mentality.

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