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What's Intuitive Eating? Hint: Intuitive Eating isn't a Diet

No diet plan can know what you enjoy, or how much you need to nourish yourself. Intuitive eating helps you reclaim trust in yourself, without food rules. If diets don’t work, what should you do? Intuitive eating is centred on you as the expert.

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The Truth About Your Emotional Eating: It Isn't A Bad Thing

Emotional eating has a bad reputation as something that you need to overcome in order to have a “healthy” relationship with food. But why would you want to eat without emotion?! Get rid of the guilt.

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New Year’s Resolutions: How To Set Goals for Yourself

New Year’s resolutions are usually rooted in thinking that you're not good enough the way you are. I ditched New Year’s resolutions a few years ago. This doesn't mean that I don't have goals, but I go about reaching them in a different way.

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