How to use a non-diet approach in your practice.

When I’m not working with clients, I help other health and wellness professionals enhance their coaching.

I coach other coaches using the following formats: individual coaching, group coaching, and workshops.

Stop making weight loss the goal.

As a nutritionist, I know many of my peers struggle with the normalized disordered eating patterns that our profession still encourages. So I’m dedicated to changing the conversation about dieting, food, and weight.

The anti-diet approach pairs well with intuitive eating. Because intuitive eating rejects food rules. And the idea that it’s your job to control what your clients eat.

I can help you:

  • Unlearn the diet mentality

  • Understand the health impact of weight stigma

  • Incorporate the principles of intuitive eating into your practice

  • Handle different scenarios and set expectations when conversations steer toward weight loss

Contact me for more information if you’re ready stop taking part in diet culture’s definition of health.